Please notice that most knives on this page are NOT available for puschase!  They are just examples of my earlier work!

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Asymetrical Dagger mk2 - Bronze, Damasteel and Birch burl.
Damasteel and Bronze Desk Claw
Trebuchet #2 - Damasteel blade and base with bronze stand details.
Entity - Damasteel with bronze inlayed filework Meteorite bolsters and Mammoth scales. Sheat with Damasteel details.
"Buscrafter"- Sandvik 12c27 blade with Damasteel bolsters, Boxelder burl scales and fileworked Bronze liners.
CLI & Leather. Laminated stainless laminate with carbonsteel core from Burt Foster with leather wrapped handle.
The Trebuchet - A Damasteel "scalpel" in an adjustable Bronze/Damasteel stand.
Ent - Fighter in RWL34 with Damasteel bolsters and stabilized Redwood burl.
Desk "Scalpel" - Damasteel blade attached witha magnet to a stand made with African Blackwood, Damasteel and Bronze.
Ringed Claw - Neck knife in 12C27 and Snakewood.
Storm - RWL34 steel with copper and Birchburl handle.
Ringed Claw - Neck knife in 12C27 and micarta.
Axelson - Owen Bush - Don Fogg collaboration Sword, with Yewburl, copper and Mammoth tooth handle.
Slim Fighter - Damasteel blade with bronze bolsters and fileworked liners together with Yewburl scales
Twin Hunters - RWL34 steel with Birchburl and Oakburl scales on respective knife.

Please notice that most knives on this page are NOT available for puschase! They are just examples of my earlier work!

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Carbon steel damascus, Ash burl, Nickel silver and Bronze fighter.
RWL, Damasteel and Whale-cheek bone.
Large Damasteel Fighter - Handle in Koa burl and Bronze.
RWL34 Fighter - Damasteel bolster with Redwood burl scales
Asymetrical Dagger - Birch Burl, Bronze and Damasteel blade.
Coop's Desk Scalpel - Damasteel blade with bronze details and Olivewood base.
The Horizon - Tenth Anniversary axe in Damasteel, Bronze and Ironwood.
Bowie - Citadell blade with Zebrano, Bronze and Buffalo horn handle
Ringed Claw - Neck knife in 12C27 and stabilized Spruce burl.
Spearpointed Dagger - Damasteel blade with Bronze bolsters and Wenge scales. This was a collaboration with Anders Nilsson.
Last Shave - Damasteel blade with Snakewood and bronze handle. Custom made box with Damasteel and bronze fitings.
Hooked Fighter - D2 steel with Damasteel bolsters and Silvervine scales. Leather-lined openspine sheath.
Damasteel & Leather .
100th Anniversary Daggers - Damasteel blades with Ebony, bronze and nickelsilver handles. Custom made box.